Why are Home Inspections Important?

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Why should I schedule a home inspection with Honest Abe Home
Services? So many questions!

Why? Because your home is your biggest investment. It is important to take the necessary precautions when you own a home to make the right financial decisions. Or, your investment may end up costing you much more later. The benefits of getting regular Honest Abe Home Services inspections far outweigh the unexpected expenses that can come with home repair.

Annual home inspections can give you information that is useful in making the right home repair decisions or peace of mind that your systems are in good working order.

We recommend calling Honest Abe Home Services for any plumbing issues or you could end up like this guy.

Plumbing inspection 

Our home’s plumbing is something that we tend to forget about until there is an issue that cannot be ignored.  It is important to remember that minor plumbing issues can lead to bigger, more costly repairs later if not addressed in a timely manner. Since we depend on our plumbing system everyday, having your plumbing inspected properly to ensure proper functionality of the entire system can avoid much bigger issues later.

Annual inspections can provide a longer lifespan to your plumbing system. The key to avoiding costly plumbing repairs is early detection. Plumbing emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. Regular annual plumbing inspections can prevent dealing with a failing water heater or a backed up sewer line in the middle of the night when Aunt Sally is staying for the weekend.


A plumbing inspection may include:

  • Water pressure checks to make sure that your plumbing system has appropriate water pressure. Water pressure that is too high can damage plumbing fixtures; low pressure can indicate that you have plumbing issues. 
  • Checking for blockages, leaks, and corrosion of any pipes
  • Check for any deterioration of connections and fixtures
  • Check for bad pipe joints
  • Look for drainage problems

HVAC inspection

Semi annual HVAC inspections can alert a homeowner of issues before they become a much bigger problem and prevent expensive repairs on your HVAC system. Far too many homeowners neglect their heating and cooling system until there is a serious problem. That’s not a good strategy, as significant problems are costly to repair.  

Heating and cooling make up a substantial portion of a homeowners budget. A failing system may lead to higher than needed repair costs and may need to be replaced as a result. Your HVAC system may increase your utility bill, decrease its efficiency or simply lead to discomfort if a system is not properly maintained. 

HVAC systems are usually installed in a location where they aren’t seen so they are often forgotten and taken for granted until there is an issue.  So, the best practice is to get regular inspections to get ahead of any onset of a failing HVAC system. 

An Honest Abe Home services HVAC inspection can help you know how well or inefficient your system is running.

HVAC inspections through Honest Abe include:


  • Tighten all low and high voltage connections
  • Clean up any loose wiring
  • Take amp draws on all applicable motors
  • Take microfarad reading on all capacitors
  • Check for wear and tear on motor (strange vibrations or sounds)
  • Vacuum out the combustion chamber of soot
  • Check for water leakage in the system
  • Blow out internal traps and drainage (90%)
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check gas pressure and quality of the flame
  • Check thermostat for operationEnsure flew piping is drafting properly
  • Look for gas leaks in the furnace
  • Ensure gas piping is up to code
  • Check all accessories to make recommendation if needed


  • Tighten all low and high voltage connection on inside unit
  • Clean up loose wiring on inside unit
  • Check filter on inside unit
  • Take amp draws on applicable motors on inside unit
  • Take microfarad readings on all capacitors on inside unit
  • Check for wear and tear on motors on inside unit 
  • Take temperature reading on inside unit
  • Check thermostat operation on inside unit
  • Blow and clean drain line on inside unit
  • Test pump functionality on inside unit

Chimney  Inspection

Chimneys, fireplaces, and chimney vents should be inspected once a year to ensure a homeowners safety. These inspections are able to identify safety hazards, chimney liner damage, code violations, and areas that will lead to repairs in the future. Chimney inspections can also alert homeowners of issues that could increase the risk of a home fire or carbon monoxide that is present in the home. Ensuring the safety of your family and home are the primary benefits of a Chimney inspection.

Honest Abe Home Services chimney inspections are completed with the homeowners utmost safety in mind. Our technicians conduct a thorough examination and typically include:

  • An evaluation of the chimney or venting system. We assess the condition and stability of the chimney and determine if it is safe and secure for use
  • Evaluating the venting system to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide. 
  • Evaluate exterior of the masonry
  • Evaluate interior of the chimney

Dryer Vent Inspection

Most experts believe you should clean out your dryer vent at least once a year. Over time, lint can build up in your dryer vent and reduce your dryer’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, this lint sometimes heats up and ignites. One of the biggest and most important benefits of keeping your dryer vent clean is to reduce the risk of a fire. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and The National Fire Protection Association reports that over 15,000 fires start each year from dryer vents that are not cleaned. 

Honest Abe Home Services dryer inspection includes:
  • Removal of the pipe from back of appliance to check for lint
  • Inspect under lint trap on interior of appliance

Honey-Do Inspection

Honest Abe Home Services understands that a home improvement project can feel daunting and overwhelming. As a homeowner, we can have a number of small jobs that we tend to put off until it’s more convenient. Honest Abe can take care of all the details and help you take the stress out of the process. Our Home Improvement Department can help you cross items off of your honey-do list and make it a honey-done list. 

 Our goal is to meet and exceed your home improvement expectations with attentive communication and expert craftsmanship. 

Honest Abe Home Services offers a membership plan that includes all of these inspections. Check out our One Membership Plan page for more information and details to sign up

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