DIY Plumbing

I think we can all agree that a skilled Plumber is not cheap. 

When someone is in need of a plumber, they are not having a great day. If you’re in need of a leak repair, your water just stopped working out of nowhere, or your only toilet is overflowing, no one looks forward to the invoice they will receive after the work is completed.

What is even worse than that? Mrs Robinson that lives down the street had her nephew Ricky fix her plumbing and she hasn’t had any problems. 

I mean, Ricky can do it. Why can’t you?

In reality, every skill takes time to learn, hone, and develop the expertise to do it accurately. Different people can do a lot of different things if they take the time to learn to do it right. A dentist doesn’t become a dentist overnight. A doctor isn’t born a doctor. It takes years of schooling to become a dentist, doctor, lawyer or even an engineer. 

Plumbing is no different.

Youtube has made everyone an “expert” on just about everything. Youtube may even lead you to think it’s quite easy to make certain plumbing repairs. You could watch some videos, read some plumbing tips on Google, or ask your plumber friend for some pointers.

Then practice your plumbing skills over time. Unfortunately, if you don’t work as a plumber, you may end up making mistakes that could be costly.

You don’t  know how to accurately diagnose plumbing problems 

The first thing a plumber does when they come to your home to fix a plumbing problem is inspect the plumbing system and figure out exactly what is wrong with it. They use their knowledge and extensive experience to do this and can figure out even the most straightforward issues and give you recommendations. 

Unless you have worked as a plumber, you will not have the same level of expertise that a plumber has. For example, you may think that your toilet isn’t flushing due to a simple clog, but your simple clog could be due to the entire toilet needing to be replaced. A plumber can figure out even the most complex issues and give you solutions. In addition, misdiagnosing a repair could mean that you tackled an issue that wasn’t really the true issue in the first place. This could end up being a major waste of time and money.

There are times that the most effective way is to take the simplest approach. Other times, there has to be a more extensive inspection to find the source of the plumbing problem. Honest Abe Home Services plumbers are more familiar with the most effective and efficient ways to fix plumbing issues.

Hiring a plumber might be a much wiser cost effective option. A professional plumber can find the most practical way to fix a problem so that it goes away for good.

DIYers  Misdiagnose Problems

Your plumbing system is complicated even before the walls are up during construction of the home. Most homeowners are not in the construction industry and can’t see through walls to understand the complexity of the plumbing system. This complexity is one of the biggest reasons why DIY plumbers misdiagnose their problems. 

Small plumbing problems are usually no big deal. However, with bigger plumbing issues, your water service will need to be turned off to repair most plumbing problems. If you don’t have sufficient plumbing knowledge and understand the depth of a home plumbing system, you could end up having a plumbing disaster on your hands.

You don’t know the correct parts to use

If you don’t use the correct plumbing pipes and parts when installing a new plumbing fixture or repairing a section of your existing plumbing, it could be detrimental to your plumbing system and create a huge headache down the road. The parts and pipes that you use must hold up under pressure. Trust a plumber to make even the most minor repairs to ensure that all the correct parts are used.

You run the risk of injuring yourself

The occupation of a plumber may not seem like the most dangerous job. However, there are hazards that plumbers face from time to time. They can injure themselves from plumbing tools in small spaces. Eye injuries occur from flying debris and chemicals. There can even be some health concerns in the long term by being exposed to things like mold and asbestos. 

Plumbers usually take safety training to keep themselves safe on the job. Someone that isn’t trained in plumbing safety runs the risk of all sorts of accidents that could have been prevented. Call in a professional for your next plumbing project and avoid unexpected accidents from the DIY approach.

Gas Lines

One of the most dangerous DIY mistakes a homeowner can make is attempting to fix a gas leak without the proper training. It is never a good idea for a homeowner without the proper plumbing knowledge to attempt to find the source of a gas leak that needs the attention of a licensed plumber with the experience in finding and fixing gas leaks and lines. 

Gas can be dangerous and having an appliance with incomplete combustion can cause carbon monoxide to be produced. Long term exposure to gas and/or carbon monoxide can cause serious or life threatening health issues. Never attempt to repair a gas line yourself, or it may result in serious injuries. 

Changes and additions to gas lines in your home will require permits from your municipalities. Gas leaks require the attention of a licensed plumber with the experience in finding and fixing gas leaks and lines. Before any work is started, you will need to get pressure tested and inspected by a professional. You can consult Honest Abe Home Services for a diagnostic and learn the next steps.

The dangers of DIY plumbing projects will only create additional problems. Things can escalate very quickly and will cost a lot more to fix the issue all over again, and there could be potential health risks. The best reason to call Honest Abe Home Services for your plumbing needs is that we are quick, experienced and efficient. Our plumbers know the best way to solve any plumbing issue, and the cost you will pay is a lot less than what you will have to spend on repairing it on your own. Let the professionals do all the hard work for you. 

We offer clear communication, personalized service that is tailored to each customer’s needs, and excellent workmanship. We are always honest and up front in every service we provide.

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